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Lately, in the Indian Internet, a topic is quite hot now.

YouTube vs TikTok

Basically there have been various videos published over youtube and TikTok regarding this battle. Right now, the battle between the Youtubers and Tiktok users have been making the loudest noise of late. Recently, an Indian Youtuber and content Creator, Ajay Nagar also known as CarryMinati uploaded his roast video featuring Tiktokers or TikTok Users and it went viral on the web.

And soon after the video was uploaded on YouTube, it topped the trending chart with 34 Million Views in two days followed by hashtag #skirt trending on twitter and hundreds of memes about this battle. Along with CarryMinati, there are many YouTube videos and memes published as a roast of TikTokers from time to time.

As a return, Tiktokers or TikTok users also came into battle with hate comments about YouTube Creators. And this battle has been even stronger.

Passing hate comments to each other in the approach of proving their community better seems like the invisible line is being drawn separating the users of these two digital platforms. One community is laughing at another and vice versa. And the line is even GROWING BIGGER.

There is one thing, we actually should think about it. Why did Muslims and Hindus haven’t gone together? It’s not meant that they never go together but there have been a lot of cases which proves that mostly they don’t. They haven’t gone together because of two reasons. Either they don’t accept each other and their norms and belief, or they want to be greater than another. And the same thing is happening on the internet now.


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