My Portfolio

Personal Information

  • Legal Name: Nawaraj Khatri
  • Date of Birth: April 15, 1997
  • Nationality: Nepalese
  • Based on: Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Permanent Residence: Bakachol-5, Khotang, Nepal
  • Religion: Hinduism (by Birth)
  • Contact: [email protected]

Formal Education

Works and Activities

  • Video Editor at Whatsup Media (2021-present)
    • Working on Sound Design to enhance the story
    • Assembled the best footage to match the story
    • Basic Animation on the process of video creation
  • Video Editor/Producer at Hello Nawaraj (2017-present)
  • Program Coordinator, Ma Junkiri Project, I For Change (2018-2020)
    • Taught English to the Rohingya Refugee Adults.
    • Assisted the Children of Rohingya Refugees in their education.
    • Helped Rohingya Refugees to overcome cultural difficulties.
  • Tutor, Back to Village Campaign, I For Change (2019)
    • Assisted the students of rural area in Morang and Pachthar to pick better career options.
    • Highlighted the better practices of teaching/learning process to the students.
  • Co-organizer, Aspire Scholastic Meet 2019, Scholastic Foundation (2019)
  • College Lead for Texas International College, Walkathon-2018, Teach For Nepal (2018)
    • Led the students of Texas International College for Walkathon 2018.
    • Walked for solidarity to commit ourselves that no children regardless of socio-economic status will be left behind.
    • Worked for the fundraising event.
  • Event Co-ordinator, Sikshya Nepal (2017)